Apr/2016 – A cohort study of norovirus in 8 Developing Countries

Norovirus is responsible by 20% of acute gastroenteritis (inflammation of the stomach or intestines or both) worlwide. Besides some recent developments, there are still open questions to answer regarding the epidemiology of norovirus.

A recent paper (http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/cid/ciw072) published in Clinical Infection Diseases journal by an international team of scientists (Rouhani et al.), including researchers from school of medicine at UFC, reports a cohort study covering 8 developing countries targeting the pediatric norovirus epidemiology. Norovirus is one of the most common causes of diarrheal disease and it causes 212 000 deaths annually, mainly in the low-income countries. This remarkable study sets the birth of a cohort study for advancing the understing of gut health in general, norovirus in particular, and how they impact both health and child development.

This paper has been featured as an Editorial Commentary by Benjamin A. Lopman and Nicholas C. Grassly (http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/cid/ciw078).

The full reference of the paper is:

Norovirus Infection and Acquired Immunity in 8 Countries: Results From the MAL-ED Study

Saba Rouhani, Pablo Peñataro Yori, Maribel Paredes Olortegui, Mery Siguas Salas, Dixner Rengifo Trigoso, Dinesh Mondal, Ladaporn Bodhidatta, James Platts-Mills, Amidou Samie, Furqan Kabir, Aldo Lima, Sudhir Babji, Carl J. Mason, Adil Kalam, Pascal Bessong, Tahmeed Ahmed, Estomih Mduma11, Zulfiqar A. Bhutta, Ila Lima, Rakhi Ramdass, Dennis Lang, Ajila George, Anita K. M. Zaidi, Gagandeep Kang, Eric Houpt, and Margaret N. Kosek

Clinical Infection Diseases 62 (10) 1210-1217, (2016)

DOI: 10.1093/cid/ciw072